Your Energy Solution

NECA contractors and IBEW electricians are strongly committed to ensuring the highest quality standards and long term viability of sustainable energy resources, applications and solutions. IBEW-NECA experts assess and advise public and private organizations on the best return on investment strategies including energy efficiency, renewable generation, energy storage, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Energy Audits

A IBEW-NECA energy audit is the first step to realizing the many benefits of sustainable energy operations and should be done before energy work is initiated. Audits are the diagnostic tool used to generate a comprehensive list of prospective Energy Savings. Auditing facility systems provides application details, a cost/benefit analysis, and return on investment statistics to property owners and managers.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy use in lighting, heating/air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. represents the biggest opportunity for public and private organizations to make the Energy Triple Play Substantial Cost Savings, Environmental Sustainability, and increased Energy Independence. Dollar for dollar, energy efficiency produces the greatest return on investment.