The Net Zero Plus (NZP) Electrical Training Institute (ETI) is the country’s largest net zero commercial retrofit.  This training facility is a national showcase of excellence for electrical training and innovations in emerging technology testing and demonstration.  The facility, featuring products and technologies that are made in America, produces more energy than it uses. 

At the NZP state of the art energy efficient design and technology uses waste heat, passive cooling and natural lighting to substantially reduce the building’s energy demand while improving comfort.  Concurrently, the building’s renewable energy generating systems produces more energy than it requires.  The building incorporates the following technologies:

Additionally this facility features small commercial and utility-scale operational Smart Microgrids.  It is a net zero facility plus microgrids.   These microgrids perform six smart-grid functions:

  1. The ability to charge electric vehicles through multiple energy sources, including clean, renewable energy (solar), Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), or grid power.  Benefits include reduced C02 emission, and reduced demand on the grid and local electrical transmission distribution system.
  2. Utilize BESS to smooth solar production at the local level.
  3. Respond to a demand response signal from the utility by injecting active power into the grid from stored energy and integrating with existing building management systems.
  4. Provide a more reliable electrical system by maintaining uninterrupted power during power outages and utilizing solar to sustain the load during daylight hours.
  5. Showcase state-of-the-art inverter technology capable of integrating (3) DC sources and varying voltage to improve efficiency and reliability of renewable energy sources of energy.
  6. Participate in ancillary utility markets by providing or absorbing power.

The NZP ETI is both a living laboratory and demonstration center to test, showcase and bring to market emerging technologies, as well as a state-of-the-art apprenticeship training facility designed for the continued development of electrical industry careers as “Total Energy Solutions Providers”.  In addition to the core Apprentice and Journeyman curriculum, the NZP ETI provides new to industry skills on the latest technologies.  The NZP ETI is a national leader in electrical training for solar, demand response, grid reliability, utility scale battery storage, advanced building and lighting controls, and plug load strategies. Ultimately the NZP ETI is about serving Los Angeles County with the most highly skilled and trained total energy solutions providers.