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“Energy storage is a vital component of a more resilient, reliable and efficient electric grid. We must continue developing innovative energy storage technologies and finding new ways to ensure wider adoption…”
- Energy Secretary Earnest Moniz

The need for energy storage to offset stress to the electric grid is increasing as a result of the growing use of renewable power generation. Without energy storage the grid’s evolution toward more distributed energy systems will likely be limited by grid capacity. Developing and deploying energy storage opens the door to accommodating more renewable energy. Energy storage is also a practical business strategy and investment. It allows consumer to lower energy costs by saving low-cost power for peak times and making renewable energy available when it’s needed the most, not just when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

IBEW and NECA are proud to be original members of CalCharge. CalCharge is a groundbreaking public-private partnership working to accelerate the development, commercialization, and adoption of new energy storage technologies for the consumer, transportation, and grid markets. CalCharge brings together emerging and established companies, academic and research institutions, government agencies, and other key stakeholders to spur advanced manufacturing and increase the growth of the energy storage sector.