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Los Angeles’ largest solar developers are choosing to work with IBEW/NECA. The rapid growth of solar is attracting a new workforce from outside the electrical industry; one that goes through a couple of weeks of training and immediately thereafter begins working on these complex electrical systems. IBEW/NECA is committed to providing the highest quality, best trained solar installers. Beyond its five year apprenticeship program IBEW/NECA provides advanced training, testing and certification in photo-voltaics including:

  1. Photo-Voltaic Installation & Design: is a comprehensive, hands-on, class that covers the latest developments in photo-volatics including: site evaluation, system sizing, roof mounting methods, system installation, inverter wiring, operation, testing, monitoring, metering and trouble shooting.

  2. Photo-Voltaic Certification Testing: a review and test covering photo-voltaic installation and design. Successful passing of this exam earns statewide certification to allow working on these solar powered generating systems.